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The Steam

Fabrice Soler

Serial entrepreneur and Founding President of Stoorist - 49, France

Involved in several associations, including AIDS and SNSM, I believe in people's ability to ask the right questions and make the right choices.

After years of experience in the financial sector and after being wobbled by this unprecedented crisis, I want to contribute in building a world with a better future.

I chose to invest my energy, time and the best of my abilities in a project which could possibly change the method of traveling while helping to rebuild the economy. I think eco-responsible tourism will help to support the people and the economies at large by protecting the local shops and craftsmen.

I created Stoorist, by and for the students as I believe they are the key to build a better world and everything must be done to help them.

"In the world of yesterday I was a tourist, today I am a Stoorist."

Cynthia Gola-Bazzi

Product owner - 33, France

Passionate about history and science, I discovered digital technology through a project that led me to partner with a specialist.

Now a Product Owner for our customers, I joined Stoorist to help its founder develop the simplest and most ergonomic application for tourists from all over the world who want to live a human, enriching and authentic experience in the world's major capitals.


In addition to my interest in developing the perfect application, I am extremely involved in zero waste and eco-responsible movements. In this, I believe that Stoorist helps to combine culture, solidarity and eco-tourism through the development of a community that humanizes tourism, values our students and supports local businesses and craftsmen. 

"For a fresh start through fair tourism!"

Harsha Purushothama

Marketing and Community management - 24, India

A dream doesn't become a reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. I am a sports enthusiast and a national level gold medalist in martial arts.

My love for traveling and my hunger for discovering new adventures never end.

After the devastating effects of the COVID-19, Stoorist introduced me to various other adventures in life.
As an individual who is always on a roll looking for challenges, Stoorist defied me to ensure that the tourists add value to the life of students and support eco-tourism.

I joined Stoorist to help students make full use of their qualities and help tourists regain their interests to travel to some of the most beautiful but less explored destination around the city. Working with Stoorist is on par with my core values such as Passion, Integrity, and Discipline.


I am sure this will help me create an impact that I dreamt of.

"Fuel a Soul with your tour!"


Recruitment and Community management - 22, CentraI African Republic/France

I always believed that making the effort to know others, elevates oneself. Hence for almost 8 years, I’ve been involved in an association in my hometown that teaches people how to sew.

I am passionate about fashion. Still, I am a fervent advocate for sustainability movements and I truly believe that it must be included in every level of our communities.

When I got introduced to Stoorist, I highly admired the fact that it supports the local economy, falls under the scope of eco-tourism and offers a new perspective to culture. On top of that, it is aimed at people like me, students who want an opportunity, share with people what they have to offer and get something meaningful out of it. 


I think this is a win-win situation and being part of this project at its core makes me enthusiastic.


"It’s time to share your world your way"

Kathleen Couchy

Marketing and Community management - 23, France

In love with photography, reading, botanical, bodybuilding, psychology, dance, and many more. I am a very curious person, and curiosity eventually leads to being a travel lover.

My trip to Toronto (Canada) has been the most enriching experience of my life. As an intern in a social help center, I will always remember how "human" it was. I discovered a city in a way tourism books or tours couldn't have done it.

Stoorist matches my perspective on traveling. That is why I am glad that I can use my knowledge as a marketing student for this eco-tourism concept. I am really grateful to be part of this Steam and to contribute to what could also become your unforgettable experience.

"Over discover with Stoorist"

Julie Peugeot

 Website designer - 32, France

A former commercial who became a freelancer in the event business, I am the official french Lara Croft ambassador. I am a competitor at heart, a top-level sportswoman and holder of the title of Miss Mermaid France 2019- 2020. I am also keen to get involved in causes that touch me and support the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation.

It is because of my attraction to social networks that I was led to work with Stoorist, and I was immediately seduced by the Application and its values.

As a travel addict, I always try to avoid crowds, which requires a lot of preparation and research before each stay. I like the idea that Stoorist was designed, among other things, to save time and meet locals and, above all, thanks to my visits, I can help finance the studies of a young enthusiast.

For all these reasons, I am thrilled to be able to participate in the development of Stoorist.

"Do it good and do it with Stoorist"

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