Stu's are fun and cultured students

who offer their services on Stoorist.

Level up and become a Stu!

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I am a Stu

You deserve a very well-paid and qualified job!

Take full advantage of your knowledge and skills by helping the Stoo discover your city. You can finance your studies, share your skills and knowledge. By becoming a Stu, you commit to being punctual, caring, motivated, and to ensure your Stoo has an authentic experience.

Manage your schedule as you wish. 

Feel free to accept a mission whenever you are available, and when you do, you have one goal: help your Stoo in his journey, make it memorable and introduce him to a fair

and responsible tourism.

...and finally, have some fun !

If you need some help, you can prepare your activities beforehand, thanks to the tips and tricks of the community. This is also a way to make great connections whether it is with a fellow Super Stu, or a Stoo, so always remember to have fun!

Benefits of being a Super Stu

Join the community

that shares your values

Be paid for what you

really deserve

Get all the tools

to lead the perfect visit

Make time for what

really matters

Get to know people

from different cultures

You have the power 

to change the world!

Available now
on your smartphone

Join the Stoorist Community !

The application will soon be available throughout France
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