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The Endowment Fund

By 2020, Stoorist aims to establish its endowment fund.


Its goal? To relieve students by directly paying the various bills incurred by their schooling,

in areas such as :


- University tuition fees

- Legal fees

- Study trips

- Purchase of computer equipment and school supplies

- Research costs

- Etc.

The endowment fund will also be able to award scholarships to students whose innovative and meaningful projects have been selected.


Any student wishing to apply to the Stoorist Endowment Fund may apply for funding. The application will be reviewed by the Stoorist Endowment Committee and once the fund has been approved, the student will be reimbursed or paid directly for the costs involved.


Several mechanisms will be put in place to fund the Endowment Fund:

1-Stoorist will pay into the Endowment Fund:

- 16% of the commissions received from its platform activity,

- 15% of the monthly subscriptions paid by SME advertisers, craftsmen and traders wishing to be highlighted on the App Map.

Stoorist has already set aside provisions for the portion of its commissions and subscriptions received in order to pay the entire corresponding amount to the endowment fund when it is created in 2020.

2- Large companies, SMEs and independent professions wishing to support and finance students' studies will also be able to participate in the financing of the Stoorist Endowment Fund.

Whether they are subject to income tax or corporate income tax, all companies can donate to non-profit organizations or associations, in return for which they will benefit from a tax reduction: subscribing to the Stoorist Endowment Fund therefore enables French companies to optimize their tax situation while helping students!

Purpose of payment

Corporate tax regime

Tax reduction rate

Limit of tax reduction

Donation to a work of general interest (or contributing to the enhancement of the artistic heritage, the preservation of the natural environment or the dissemination of French culture, language and scientific knowledge)

Income or corporate tax

60% of the amount for the part of the donation

less than or equal

to €2 million (*)


40% for the fraction above €2 million

Within the limit of

€20,000 or 5 0/00

(5 per thousand) of

the annual turnover excluding tax (ceiling applied to all payments made)

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