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I am a Craftsman

Stoorist aims to promote, among its members, local shops and craftsmen

who possess the French know-how.

To reach this goal, Stoorist community members have selected the best Points of Interest (POIs) in the city : they are fun, cool, interesting, talented, and share our values!

The shops and craftsmen selected by the community are committed not only to fair, ethical and eco-responsible trade, but also welcoming the Stoo and Stu who will visit them.

It matters to Stoorist that not only the Stoo but all members of the community can support the merchants and artisans who are our national pride!

In return, as the appointed ambassadors of France, they ensure that the Stoo and Stu go home with the satisfaction of having acquired the best products from the French market.

Shopkeepers and craftsmen who wish to do so can also act at their own level by using the application to book visits and rediscover the city with a Stu, and also promote Stoorist to their customers.

They can subscribe on a monthly basis to be featured on the map of the application, with 15% of these going to the Stoorist Endowment Fund.

Our goal? That every member of the community, whether Stoo, Stu, or P.O.I., can contribute by providing their help, sharing their knowledge, and expertise to other members of the Stoorist community.

Becoming a community referenced POI is simple: just download the application and enter the "StooristPOI" code into the application.

A member of the Steam will contact you as soon as possible.

You can also submit your application by sending your request to contact@stoorist.com.

We will be so happy to have you as a part of our community !

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 21 place des Nations Unies – 92110 Clichy – France

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